• At the point when the Fox Theater initially opened, the neighborhood paper portrayed it as having, "a pleasant and practically upsetting loftiness past creative mind". It stays a showplace that dazzles theater-goers right up 'til today. The primary designer of the venture was Olivier Vinour of the firm Marye, Alger and Vinour. 


    The 4,665-seat assembly hall, which was intended for films and live exhibitions, duplicates an Arabian patio complete with a night sky of 96 installed precious stone "stars" and a projection of mists that gradually float over the "sky." A longstanding gossip that one of the stars was a bit of a Coca-Cola bottle was affirmed in June 2010 when two individuals from the theater's reclamation staff directed a pursuit from inside the loft over the amphitheater roof.

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     660 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA 30308, USA

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